Have you ever had people in your life who do you more harm than good although it is their (you assume) intention to help you in a particular task or endeavor?  For some of you who read this, you may feel that I am being too pessimistic, and you may be right, but last I checked the first amendment,  I have a right to free speech so I will exercise that liberty now for a moment.

I had a job interview today that I wasted my time going to; 25 miles away from home. The reason it was a waste was that the experience the hiring manager needed I did not have. Now the temporary staffing agency that sent me on this worthless trip thought because I have dispatch experience, I would be a good fit. The type of dispatch experience I have does not match what the employer needs.  This particular employer needed someone with experience coordinating driver scheduling which I do not have. Had the agency taken the time to ask me the right questions, probing questions, and communicated clearly to their client (the employer) on the other end what was on my resume, it would have saved all three parties precious time. In my case, getting up early, wasting time and gas to a fruitless interview. So, in my opinion, the agency’s help was not an asset, but a liability.

A few things to ensure success the next time:

  1. In the most polite way possible, let them know that the appointment was a waste of time which I did. They always want feedback anyhow.
  2. Moving forward reiterate to them the importance of reviewing your resume thoroughly and asking you about what they do not understand so that you can make it clear to them. An effective savvy person will treat your information like it was their own.
  3. Make certain the hiring agency relays your experience to their hiring client and have them get back to you so that you can make a final decision if you want to attend the interview.

What one communicates is not always understood and I get that. That is why we should always ask questions. If the person who is supposed to help you in whatever it is you are trying to do cannot provide assistance, then they may be inept at their position. Speak to their supervisor and see if they can help you.

Bottom line had the agency clearly let me know what the position entailed, I would have nixed the appointment.

Hey, I’m just thinking out loud again!