Happy New Year everyone,

Usually, for many, a new year means new goals. There are those that have short-term goals, and there are those with long-term goals. Some of you may be planning to start a business. Others of you are looking to improve your health. Then there are others that are planning to go to school, get training and start a new career, get out of debt, etc. These are all worthwhile endeavors. What are your plans for 2019? Do you have any? Do you think you can achieve them?  Do you even care what your life looks like?

A question I have been often asked on job interviews is “where you do see yourself in five years?” I understand the reasoning behind the question, but I do not think it is a good question. To be completely honest do not even like the question. Why? Because there is not a person on this earth that can adequately answer that question. We cannot even determine with absolute surety what our lives will look like tomorrow let alone five years from now! In five years we are faced with an incalculable amount of decisions that often alter the direction(s) we thought we would go.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t plan for the future, but it is unwise to presume we can predict the future because we cannot. There is that popular saying, “Life happens to you after you have made all your plans”.

A new year for many of us is a clean slate of sorts. It’s a new beginning. It is a time of reflection. We look at the prior year and we see where we succeeded and failed. We look at the decisions we made; how we could have done things better. A new year often motivates us to implore new strategies in our lives and that of our families. We often make promises or resolutions to ourselves on how we are going to do things bigger and better.

Allow me to offer some small advice to those of you who read this article: take each day at a time. Today is all we have which is a precious gift from God. Maximize each day. Definitely, do not worry about five years from now because none of us are guaranteed to live that long. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s real talk – we are all on borrowed time, even if you live to be 120 years old!

Another piece of advice I can offer you is ask more questions. Be way way more inquisitive. Why? Its the only way to get to the bottom of things. As I have gotten older, I have realized that many people do not communicate well. Sometimes what people say is not necessarily what they mean – they are confused themselves. Others will say things and cannot formidably defend the position they claim to have.  I make it my aim to defend any position I hold whether my opponent agrees with it or not. Now understand every question will not be answered, but ask anyway, then research. It will make you a more well rounded person.

Once again, I’m just thinking out loud. If these words help you, great! If not, no worries.

We’ll talk soon.